June 3, 2023

OnePlus announces Open Ears Forum in India for the Developer Community

OnePlus announces the Open Ears program for the Developers Community in India, in-order to connect the user and their feedback and suggestions into reality. If you have any new idea regarding enhancing the OnePlus experience then here you can interact with the OnePlus team. With Open Ears we can incorporate changes with the OnePlus team that comes directly from the community and also give them our feedback in-order to enhance the personal experience.

This Open Ears Forum will be held at Goa on 4th May 2019 from 10AM IST to 3PM IST. This event will basically focus on how OnePlus can support the developer community to build great softwares, as well as to build new things that should be implemented for the future needs. Don’t worry about expenses for going into the event because OnePlus is going to take care of all this matter. The applications are available globally on OnePlus official website.

You can apply for Open Ears here https://www.oneplus.in/open-ears

This application form basically requires the knowledge of custom roms and customizing the OnePlus device related question and answer. OnePlus India will be selecting people on the basis of these answers. There’s also a “hidden mystery puzzle” that will be activated on April 4, 2019 on the application page, which will give you better chances of being selected if you solve it.

OnePlus device has been very popular in India, we are very curious to see the steps that OnePlus is going to take during this event.

Vedant Singh

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