July 15, 2024

Use Postman to test and deploy any API

API otherwise known as application program interface is the backbone of any modern application. But, if we are being honest about it. Integrating an API to your application can be a nightmare. , if you are just starting out on a completely new domain.

This simple how-to will teach you how to test a API and generate relevant codes for your application; automatically 🙂

Step 1: Download postman by clicking here

Step 2: Get a fresh set of API’s to test by clicking here or use any other API that you want to. For this tutorial, we will use https://pingsms.in API

Step 3: We will try and test the GET BALANCE Method in the API example


Step 4: Generate a new API key as shown in the tutorial by clicking here

Step 5: Open Postman and and paste the GET BALANCE URL in its address bar as shown below. Make sure to select GET as the URL will send a GET request

Image 1: Paste the GET BALANCE URL with new API Key

Step 6: Click on Headers option as show in Image 2. Set X-Authorization key and put the value as the API Key. This is an added security feature in https://pingsms.in

Image 2: Set X-Authorization key and Send Request

Step 7: You will receive an JSON output as shown below.

Image 3: JSON Output

Step 8: Click on code option just below SEND button in Image 2. The List of languages supported are shown in Image 4.

Image 4: Language Code List

Step 9: Select PHP CuRL and you will get a code snippet as shown below

Image 5: PHP CuRL Code Snippet

That’s it!!

If you face any issue with the tutorial comment below.

Saifur Rahman

Saifur Rahman is a Full Stack Laravel Developer. Additionally, he has spent a significant amount of time to learn and research in the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT). He loves to share his work and contribute to helping fellow developers. Saifur also runs the following websites and services - Techflow360.com, Pingsms.in and Techmion.com

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