May 28, 2023

How to install kannel on centos 8

Kannel is an open-source SMS and MMS gateway software that allows users to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from their server. Here are the steps to install Kannel on CentOS 8:

  1. Open a terminal window on your CentOS 8 system.
  2. Install the EPEL repository by running the following command:
sudo dnf install epel-release

  1. Install the dependencies required by Kannel by running the following command:
sudo dnf install gcc make libxml2-devel libxslt-devel openssl-devel wget

  1. Download the latest version of Kannel from its official website using the following command:
sudo wget

  1. Extract the Kannel package by running the following command:

sudo tar -xvzf gateway-1.4.5.tar.gz

  1. Navigate to the extracted directory by running the following command:
cd gateway-1.4.5

  1. Configure and install Kannel by running the following commands:
sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kannel
sudo make
sudo make install

  1. Verify the installation by running the following command:
/usr/local/kannel/sbin/bearerbox -v

This command should display the version of the installed Kannel gateway.

  1. Configure Kannel by editing the configuration file located at /usr/local/kannel/conf/kannel.conf. This file contains the configuration settings for Kannel.
  2. Start Kannel by running the following command:
sudo /usr/local/kannel/sbin/bearerbox /usr/local/kannel/conf/kannel.conf

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Kannel on CentOS 8.

Vedant Singh

Currently I'm working as an Implementation Engineer, Started my career as an System Administrator - Linux. Additionally he loves to explore new technologies and research about new open-source software that ease the development cycle.

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