June 13, 2024

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo Beta now available with Linux kernel 5.0 and GNOME 3.32

Ubuntu which was my first operating system choice when i switched to Linux , and guess it was hell at first understanding the OS, but when i understand than i’am in love with this OS. After using Ubuntu for a long time, its kind of my primary OS and love to explore things in this OS. Now the new beta version is so cool with the new GNOME that it feels to me that it might replace the windows 10 operating system. When it comes to windows 10 which is nowadays very buggy and its costly also therefore Ubuntu is free and more modern now with the new GNOME 3.32.

Today Canonical’s  operating system reached a great milestone after the release of the beta version named as “Disco Dingo” also known as Ubuntu 19.04. The fans will be delighted with new Desktop GNOME which feels much more cool as compared to the earrlier version of Ubuntu Desktop. It is now more modern and attractive in-terms of the look wise.

The named “Disco Dingo” itself reflects the Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the new technologies with high quality and easy to use Linux distributions. The Ubuntu team has done a lot of hardwork while building this cycle. This beta release includes images from not only the Ubuntu Desktop, Server, and Cloud products, but also the Kubuntu, UbuntuKylin Ubuntu Budgie, Lubuntu , Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Studio, and Xubuntu flavours,” says The Ubuntu Team.

The Ubuntu team also says that the Ubuntu 19.04 image will be available on their official website, for those who wanted to test the new Ubuntu GNOME 3.32. The final release is excepted on April 18th 2019. This version basically updates the core packages including the new kernel 5.0 and much more.

If you want to give a try to this operating system then we will suggest you to go for a virtual environment like vmware where you can install this beautiful Operating system and try to explore the new GNOME Desktop environment.

Before you install, however then just remember that it is a beta release and there could be bugs. With that point beta release is also supposed to be very stable and fine to use as your daily driver. Therefore still you want to try, then try at your own risk and also remember that it is not LTS (Long Term Support) version, which means that the support will be till next year January.

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