April 18, 2024

Leaks Regarding The Jio Phone 3: What To Expect

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance industries was held on 15th July 2020, where new milestones achieved by the company, including Jio Glass and the 5G moves, were discussed. Certain revelations point out that Google and Reliance Jio have entered into a partnership to work in the affordable smartphone segment. The Jio Phone 3 is the next, and the upcoming mass-market phone of the company and the proceedings of the AGM give some idea and insights regarding the features of this new device that millions in India are waiting for.

Jio Phone 3 Features: Leaks And Speculations

The new partnership between the tech and communication giants Google and Reliance Jio might affect the Jio phone segment. It is anticipated that Google has invested around the US $ 4.5 billion into the Jio platform. The new offering will also be ditching the existing Kai operating system of the Jio phones. The partnership aims to create smartphones for every Indian, the new phone may have substantial improvements, and even the name of the sequel may not be so.

A new device by Reliance Jio was seen on the site of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that was running on Android 10. Some speculations found it close to being the next Jio phone device. As we know, the Jio Phone did not have anything substantial apart from its keypad layout. As per the current plans of the company, it can be said that Reliance Jio and the partnership might be aiming to launch a smartphone at around INR 5000, which may be termed as the successor to Jio Phone 2.

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