April 23, 2024

Google Removes And Bans The Joker Malware Apps On Play Store

Smartphones have immense utility to be of crucial worth and importance for users worldwide, and apps make an integral, exciting, and useful part. Apps available on Google Play Store help people in various ways in both professional and personal lives. However, some apps may not comply fully with the rules and regulations, and may also be used for fraudulent purposes. For instance, some apps take certain illegal permissions from users. Forty-six of these fraudulent apps have been removed recently by Google from Play Store. Google also removed certain apps because of certain other reasons. It has recently removed around 11 apps that were infected by the Joker malware and virus.

The Main Reason Why The Google Joker Malware Apps Were Removed

The Joker malware that certain apps of Google Playstore had interacted directly with the IMEI details of smartphones and were able to access sim cards. The malware was found to read and send SMS and read the OTP or (one-time password). The Apps subscribe to the users automatically to certain plans, thereby increasing their bills. While the Google security barriers ensure that no such App is available on the Play Store, these bad apps had certain code variations that crossed the security barrier. The removed Apps containing the Joker Malware include:

● com.relax.relaxation.androidsms

● com.imagecompress.android

● com.peason.lovinglovemessage

● com.cherry.message.sendsms 

● com.hmvoice.friendsms

● com.contact.withme.texts

● com.LPlocker.lockapps

● com.file.recovefiles

● com.training.memorygame

● com.remindme.alarm

It is essential to ensure that your app does not bring to you woes and worries and is free of bugs and malware. You should hence always have access to most recent tech information and news to ensure that any such problem does not affect you.

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