June 13, 2024

Instagram Plans To Roll Out New Updates

Instagram (owned by Facebook) is one of the most popular online social communities for sharing images and videos. The ever-growing community on the reputed online social media platform has a wide number of influencers as well. Instagram is planning to roll out many new features in its platform that will increase its user base and invite more followers and users. It will also make it a more viable option against TikTok (a Chinese app that was recently banned in India).

The New Updates and Features of Instagram

The new section of Reels added to may new Instagram app segments would make it even better than TikTok for viewing and sharing videos. The “Explore” feed and section will also feature the Reels. Therefore while earlier Reels was limited by Instagram to the “Stories” section only, it will be more comfortable and convenient for the users to edit, share, and post their videos.

Launch of the Reels Update of Instagram in India

The new Reels update of Instagram has been launched in countries like Germany and Brazil. There has been an excellent response to the new feature and has made the app a lot more accessible and useful for users of Instagram in these countries. This new feature will soon be launched in India as well. The beta versions of the Instagram app will have this future, along with specific bug fixes. While no particular date has yet been announced, we can expect the feature to be real and usable in a few months.

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