July 15, 2024
OnePlus Nord Versus RealMe 3X

Comparing The Latest Sensations: OnePlus Nord Versus RealMe 3X

The OnePlus Nord smartphone has been one of the most anticipated smartphone devices that fans and followers have been waiting for. The phone has been launched finally and offers the unique and popular OnePlus ecosystem at a very economical price tag. However, the phone may not have smooth sailing in the market as influential competitors, including RealMe and Xiaomi, hold a lot of sway in the affordable and medium-range smartphone price range segment. Here is a quick comparison between the two latest and popular smartphones, including the RealMe X3 and the OnePlus Nord, to help you make a better purchase decision.

Comparing the Specs

Below is a line by line comparison of the various features of the two devices viz. OnePlus Nord and the RealMe X3.

• The 6.6 inch FHD+ IPS LCD capacitive display of the RealMe X3 is matched by the 6.4 inches fluid AMOLED touch display of the OnePlus Nord. The Nord also offers Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection for the rear and front panel.

• RealMe X3 has the 120 Hz refresh rate compared to the 90 Hz refresh rate of the OnePlus Nord for the respective displays.

• Both the phones match each other in the battery segment. The OnePlus Nord has a reasonably large 4115 Mah battery, which provides for 30 Watt WARP support. The 4200 Mah battery of the RealMe X3 is only marginally larger and comes with the 30 Watt fast DART charging support.

• OnePlus Nord has been found to never compromise in the camera segment. However, it lags behind the RealMe X3 in comparison here for the camera. While either of the devices has the Quad camera set-up, the Nord only has a 48 MP primary lens compared to the 64 MP primary lens of the RealMe X3.

• In terms of performance as well, the RealMe X3 leads the competition as it is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus chipset when compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 plus chipset of the OnePlus Nord. A benchmark comparison has also revealed that the chipset on RealMe X3 performs better than on the OnePlus Nord.

Either of the phones starts at a price tag of 24,999. While the Oxygen OS of the One Plus has its own follower set, the comparison here shows that the RealMe X 3 emerges to be a winner in many different features and aspects.

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