June 3, 2023

How to install kannel addons SqlBox

Open Terminal

Go to the directory where is your gateway.

Then type

#cd addons

#cd sqlbox

Then just run the command as given below:-

# ./configure

# make

# make install

Congrats sqlbox has been installed.

Now you need to create sqlbox configuration file in /etc/kannel directory

create sqlbox.conf file in the /etc/kannel directory

Copy and paste the sqlbox.conf file as follows:-


group = sqlbox

id = mydlr

smsbox-id = sqlbox

#global-sender = “”

bearerbox-host =

bearerbox-port = 13001

smsbox-port = 13006

smsbox-port-ssl = false

sql-log-table = sent_sms

sql-insert-table = send_sms

log-file = “/etc/kannel/kannel-sqlbox.log”

log-level = 0

#ssl-client-certkey-file = “”

#ssl-server-cert-file = “”

#ssl-server-key-file = “”

#ssl-trusted-ca-file = “”

# Database connection examples. Please uncomment as needed

# Example MYSQL Connection

group = mysql-connection

id = mydlr

host = localhost

username = root                //database username

#password = 121123

password = 12345             //database password

#database = test

database =sms      //database table name

max-connections = 10

group = dlr-db

id = mydlr

table = dlr        //change as per your database table

field-smsc = smsc

field-timestamp = ts


field-destination = destination

field-service = service

field-url = url

field-mask = mask

field-status = status

field-boxc-id = boxc

Now start the sqlbox by the following command:-

# /usr/local/sbin/sqlbox -v 0 /etc/kannel/sqlbox

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